Decorative Glass

Decorative glass has been used for many years to enhance windows and doors with style, beauty and elegance. This timeless craft has enjoyed a revival over the last 20 years as modern home owners have discovered its ability to add character, charm and originality to theire PVC doors and windows. We at Rainhill Windows now offer this service as part of our portfolio. Please take time to view examples and ideas of decorative glasswork.

Our new advanced A-Rated energy efficient windows help to slash up to 33% off typical fuel bills

Up to 20% of a homes heat loss is through the windows!

And losing heat means effectively losing energy and money.
Our A-Rated windows are the finest available and contribute to helping reduce energy losses to zero.

The average house has 8 square metres of glass!

By changing single glazing to A-Rated energy efficient double glazing could save 1520kw per year. This equates to around £167 per year.

Our windows are A rated

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